phone holder

Magnetic Phone Holder for Car

MAKE DRIVING SAFE. Keep the road and the phone screen in the same line of view. Won't affect your reaction.

360 Degree ADJUSTABLE ANGLE. Easy to angle the phone towards you when you want a perfect frontal line of sight when using navigation.

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dash cam

Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam

DISCREET DESIGN. Signature low-profile design allows the V1 to be a well-hidden witness to the road ahead.

FULL HD RECORDING. Sony Exmor IMX323 image sensor captures beautiful Full HD 1080p video @ 30fps.

WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE. Allows the camera to perform optimally in any lighting situation.

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barf bags

Strong Vomit Bags | Barf Bags

Puking bags have a sturdy wide opening ring that fits the mouth area & allows user to hold the bag.

These sealable blue puke bags are tightly secured onto the ring and has a reliable twist and lock sealing feature to keep away wastes and foul odors.

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usb charger

150W Car Cup Power Inverter

Provides a total of 150 watts power with a regular 3-prong ouotlet to run your GPS, laptop, game console, DVD players and other portable appliances in your vehicle.

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