5 Extraordinary Stories from Rideshare Drivers

Author photoBy Hamed

The majority of rideshare journeys are pretty uneventful. You pick up your passengers, take them where they want to go, maybe have a nice chat and that’s it. But, as with any job where you come into contact with the general public, there is always a chance things will get a little weird! 

Here are just a handful of those out of the ordinary rideshare stories.

The Miracle of Birth

It seems that all aspects of life can take place in the backseat of a rideshare car as driver, Luis Leonardo, can confirm. Leonardo was taking his passengers to a Brooklyn hospital as the woman was in labor. But it suddenly became clear that they weren’t going to make it in time! 

Baby on board!
Photo courtesy of Foxnews.com

The whole event was caught on the dash cam and showed a perfectly calm Leonardo, taking it all in his stride. He coached her through the birth, helping both mother and partner “do the magic”. All he asked for in return was that the couple help pay for the extra clean up fee!

Not all Heroes Wear Capes

Keith Avila had only been driving for Uber for a few weeks when events unfolded in which he would end up saving a 16-year-old girl from sex trafficking. After overhearing a conversation between his passengers, the girl and two women, it was clear that something very sinister about to happen. 

Avila immediately called the cops when they exited his car at a hotel in South Sacramento and he even caught the arrest on his dash cam. Avila’s Facebook video was viewed more than 185,000 times and made Avila a local hero. And rightly so!

Another hero to the rescue!

Rideshare driver, Brandon Gale, got a call to pick up a woman. All seemed normal, until a few seconds later when he got a message from her via the app, asking him to pretend to be her boyfriend and act like he knew her. Sensing she was in trouble, Brandon played along, and he was glad he did. 

As it turned out the woman was being harassed by a guy who wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. By going along with her request, it is very possible that Brandon saved this woman from an assault, or worse. All in a day’s work for the rideshare heroes!

Not a Model Citizen

Unfortunately, not all passengers are well behaved, as rideshare driver, Mohammed Bhuiyan discovered. In 2017, his dash cam footage showed then 18-year-old model, Gabrielle Canales, help herself to his tips before making a quick exit.

Extraordinary rideshare stories

The video went viral and Canales received severe backlash over the incident on social media. She has since paid back the driver and issued an apology. 

Getaway Car

In Oklahoma City, one rideshare driver found himself being used to transport would-be bank robbers to the scene of their intended crime. Brandon Case took the three teens to the bank and was supposed to wait… but when Case overheard one boast about his gun, he immediately called the police. The three teens were then arrested. As Case said after his experience,  “If you’re going to do something like that, have your own car.”

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