Lyft Vehicle Inspection for Drivers

Here’s a FACT for you: the biggest reason that most Lyft drivers delay their application is the vehicle inspection – this is seen as a hurdle for most drivers.

Why a hurdle? Well, just look at your hectic schedule. With everything we have going on in our busy lives these days, how many of us can just easily go to a local mechanic to complete the inspection? It takes a lot of time (and of course time = money for Lyft drivers), gas (again, = money), the cost of the inspection (also = money!) and frustration. And we all know the notoriety of mechanics… you may leave the shop with a long list of items you need to fix, that probably aren’t even required for the RideShare inspection… let’s sum up this entire experience in one word: headache!

Well, deal headached Lyft driver applicant, I have some good new for you! We can eliminate all of those hurdles and help you get your vehicle inspection in a much quicker and more convenient manner.

What if you could complete your vehicle inspection:

  • In less than 15 minutes
  • From your driveway
  • During a time that works for you
  • Low cost
  • With a scheduled or on-demand appointment

And it gets better – imagine having all of the above, with a company that:

This company is RideShare Mechanic. But before we get into all the details of who they are and what they do, let’s back up a bit.

To become a Lyft driver, there are certain requirements you must meet. Although there may be exceptions for certain states, the following items must be passed in order for your Lyft driver application to be approved:

  • Background check
  • Driving record check
  • Vehicle inspection

Lyft requires the above items to make sure that the platform is safe and that Lyft maintains a positive reputation. These items are in addition to the basic requirements that must be met, such as your age, having a valid license, and a car that meets the criteria, with valid registration and insurance.

One of the critical steps to being approved as a Lyft driver is to complete a vehicle inspection. This is a requirement set by the state and enforced by Lyft, to ensure the safety and comfort of every passenger. The most common inspection required is a 19-point vehicle inspection. You can see an example of the 19-point Lyft vehicle inspection here.

These inspections can be daunting and time-consuming for some people – consider the steps and concerns that a typical driver applicant will need to complete to get an inspection:

  • Schedule an appointment with a mechanic (during their business hours)
  • Drive to the shop (spend time and gas)
  • Wait up to an hour for the inspection to be completed
  • When complete, they may be handed a list of all sorts of issues that the mechanic may recommend, including items that aren’t even a part of Lyft’s 19-point inspection!

Thankfully there is a good alternative that allows you to avoid those headaches, and will save you time, money, and frustration.

The service is known as RideShare Mechanic, a company that provides the fastest, most convenient vehicle inspections for RideShare drivers. RideShare Mechanic provides vehicle inspections via video chat. This offers a great way to perform this inspection from your very own driveway.

No need to bother with local mechanics or waste time or gas; simply schedule an appointment and they’ll get you on your way.

Why choose video vehicle inspections from RideShare Mechanic?

Let’s talk about the value of a video inspection. Remember, the traditional process is to search for a local mechanic, make an appointment, and possible fail an inspection you’ve already paid for – no one wants to do any of these things!

RideShare Mechanic takes the headache of all these things away. How?

  • No risk: We do not charge you until your vehicle passes the inspection!
  • Convenient: You don’t have to go anywhere – we get your inspection done from wherever your car is, even from your own driveway.
  • Flexible hours: we are available for virtual vehicle inspections 9 AM to 9 PM PST, every day of the week, and we accept on-demand appointments.
  • No upselling! We’re not going to try to sell you car parts or repairs. We are only interested in conducting the 19-point vehicle inspection for RideShare drivers.
  • Competitively priced – we charge about the same as the other guys, but with much more value!
  • Everything is quick, simple, and painless.

Lyft Vehicle inspection requirements

Lyft’s requirements vary from state to state. In some states, like California, the vehicle must be 2005 or newer to qualify. You can check Lyft’s site to see if your area has vehicle requirements.

All Lyft vehicles must have 4 doors and a minimum of 5 seatbelts (yours, and at least 4 passenger seatbelts). Also, you must have valid insurance in your name and the car must have a valid registration (the registration does not have to be in your name).

Additionally, the 19-point inspection (detailed below) will be on the lookout for other required things. Keep in mind that bald tires are the #1 reason that applicants fail the Lyft vehicle inspection. If your tires don’t have much tread left, you might want to replace them before having the inspection performed. And remember, any expense for business such as new tires is tax deductible!

The 19-point checklist

Remember that each of these things will always be checked. If there are any glaring issues, such as cracked windows or broken head/tail lights, you should fix them before getting an inspection performed.

Tail lights
Turn indicator lights
Brake lights
Brakes and steering
Emergency / parking brake
Steering mechanism
Windows and other glass
Rear window
All other windows
Windshield wipers
Seats and doors
Front seat adjustment
Safety belts for the driver and every passenger
Doors (locks, opening, closing)
Muffler and exhaust system
Tires (including that tread depth)
Interior and exterior rear view mirrors

It’s a pretty comprehensive list, and failing any one of these items will result in a failed inspection for your vehicle.

If you fail an inspection with a mechanic, they will still charge you for the inspection. With RideShare Mechanic, you have no risk – there is no charge until you pass.

Lyft vehicle inspection form

If you plan on taking your car to a mechanic, Lyft has a vehicle inspection form that you will need to print and bring with you. The mechanic will fill it out, and pass or fail the vehicle upon completion.

The form is very straight forward – every section is “pass” or “fail”, and has to be signed off by the inspector. The inspector will fill out other items on the form such as the date, your vehicle’s mileage, as well as the inspector’s ARD (Auto Repair Dealer) number. Keep in mind that Lyft requires that you complete a new vehicle inspection every year, or every 50,000 miles, whichever occurs first.

Download official Lyft inspection form (pdf)

How much does a Lyft vehicle inspection cost?

The price depends on where you go. You have two options, each has its own pricing:

  1. Go to a local mechanic
  2. Use RideShare Mechanic

Option 1: Local Mechanic cost

For a basic inspection, going to a certified mechanic will usually cost you anywhere from $20 to $30. You will have to deal with the hassles of scheduling an appointment, driving to the mechanic shop, waiting for the mechanic to finish, and then hear the list of “suggested” repairs to your vehicle (with a high price tag!); many of which probably aren’t necessary.

Option 2: RideShare Mechanic cost

The simplest and quickest option: stay at home and get it done on your time with RideShare Mechanic for $43.99. So simple with an easy pricing structure and super fast process to save you time.

Only $43.99 for Lyft vehicle inspections

RideShare Mechanic gives you the same comprehensive test you would get at any certified mechanic, with infinitely more convenience and a no-risk guarantee! That’s right- they won’t charge you unless your vehicle passes the inspection!

So you pay $43.99 to get your vehicle inspected and avoid dealing with the drive, wasting gas, and the headache you’ll get from a local mechanic. On top of that, you can request an on-demand appointment.

It really doesn’t get much more convenient than that!

Single Inspection

One Lyft inspection


(No payment until you pass your inspection)

Inspection Bundle

Any two inspections for the same vehicle


(No payment until you pass your inspection)

Finding a Lyft inspection location near you

Finding an inspection location near you can be difficult, but the best one is closer than you think! With RideShare Mechanic, just picture your driveway, that’s how close it is!

But… if you must find a physical location to take your car in for an inspection, the best way is simply to do an on-line search for “Lyft Inspection” + “THE NAME OF YOUR CITY”.

RideShare Mechanic vs. local mechanic shop

A Local Mechanic Shop is just that – a regular mechanic. The inspection will be completed and you’ll receive your pass/fail, but they often put appointments such as this on the back burner in lieu of more pressing or (frankly) higher paying work. These inspection appointments often run from $20 to $35. Mechanics are infamous for conjuring up problems where none exist, so expect to get a laundry list of things that are “wrong” with your vehicle along with your inspection form.

RideShare Mechanic, on the other hand, will never try to upsell you in any way. We don’t want to sell you car parts or repairs- in fact, we don’t have any to sell! We just want to get you on the road as quickly and seamlessly as possible, so you can start earning some money with Lyft ASAP.

Why do Lyft drivers recommend car inspections with RideShare Mechanic?

Allow us to highlight just a few of the reviews from our thousands of very satisfied customers:

Across the board we are praised by our customers for great customer service, quick-and-easy inspections, and a hassle-free mentality about it all. Care to see all of our 1,000+ Google reviews? Click here:

"They work with you to help you pass the inspection at your time. Great service! Totally recommend! :) Inspector Joy, surely brings that joy as cheesy as it may sound haha. Thanks again!"
"Great service. Easy to use! Will walk you thru every step. Safe and secure way to get your inspection. Highly recommend Rideshare Mechanic."
"Very convenient and hassle free! Love the service wish I knew about it sooner. I can never recover the lost 2-3 hours of wait at the hubs/mechanic garages for each time I had to renew or sign up a car! Highly recommend this service to anyone."

Top 4 Frequently asked questions from Lyft drivers:

The best place is right in your own driveway with Rideshare Mechanic’s virtual vehicle inspection service! Barring that, there are a number of certified mechanics that will be able to assist.

At this time, there are not free Lyft inspection options, but the convenience of Rideshare Mechanic helps in this process.

An inspection from Rideshare Mechanic usually takes about 15 minutes. The inspection at a local mechanic can consume hours of your day.

If you choose to go to a local mechanic, you would pay the fee for an inspection, then make the necessary fixes to your car, and then pay again for another inspection to submit to Lyft. Rideshare Mechanic, however, doesn’t charge you until you’ve passed.