Uber Vehicle Inspection for Drivers

FACT: the #1 reason drivers put off their application is the vehicle inspection.

Let’s face it, with our busy schedules, it’s just not convenient to go to a local mechanic to get an inspection – it costs money, time (which for Uber drivers especially, equals money!), gas, and frustration. Not to mention that most mechanics will give you a laundry list of things that are wrong with your car, that may not even be relevant to the rideshare inspection requirements! What a headache…!

Here’s the good news: you don’t have to do any of that anymore! What if you could complete your vehicle inspection:

  • From the comfort of your driveway
  • In under 15 minutes
  • Low cost
  • During extended support hours
  • Scheduled appointment or on-demand appointment

With a company that:

The solution? Rideshare Mechanic!
  • Quick and easy

    Average inspection is less than 15 minutes, and you can do it from your driveway.

  • No risk

    Our cost is comparable to your local mechanic, and you don't pay unless your car passes the inspection.

  • Need it now?

    We accept on-demand and scheduled appointments.

  • No upsell

    We are only focused on the 19-point vehicle inspection. Don't worry, we won't try to sell you car parts or repairs.

  • Extended hours

    We offer extended hours of operation (8AM - 6PM PST, 7 days/week).

  • Live support

    We walk you through the onboarding process and recommend resources to help you maximize your income.

Before we go into the details of this service, let’s back up a bit…So you’ve decided to become an Uber driver – awesome!

Uber is the most recognized taxi alternative in the world. Every major (and a lot of minor) city in the world will have Uber rides available, particularly those that are known for tourism and also crowded cities where many people prefer not to own a car. Be it Las Vegas, Austin, San Francisco, no matter where you are, Uber will be there to get you where you want to go.

And the beauty is how seamless it all is for the user, no matter where he/she is, all on an easy-to-use phone app! New users just create an account with the app and order their first ride! But what about the process for new drivers?

In order to drive for Uber, most states require that you pass a vehicle inspection, typically a 19-point inspection. Vehicle inspections must be renewed every year or every 50,000, whichever comes first. They are necessary for making sure the vehicle is safe for everyone who gets in it for a ride.

Why choose video vehicle inspections from Rideshare Mechanic?

The Inspection with Rideshare Mechanic makes your life easier. We take the confusion and hassle out of the whole process, but using the video chat capability of your mobile device. No need for a mechanic who will try to talk you into unnecessary repairs, or appointments at business hours that are tough to make from your busy job. You want to start padding your pockets with Uber’s money as soon a possible, so getting your vehicle approved quickly is a top priority.

How can Rideshare Mechanic help accomplish this goal?

  • Rideshare Mechanic accepts on-demand or scheduled appointments.
  • We are available from 9 AM to 9 PM PST 7 days a week to accommodate all schedules.
  • You can get your inspection done from wherever your car is, even from your driveway.
  • There is no risk. You don’t owe us anything unless your car passes its inspection!

To schedule your inspection, fill out this form and specify the type of inspection you need

(i.e. Lyft or Uber, or both)

Uber’s 19-point vehicle inspection

Simply put, Uber needs to know two main things about your car:

  • Is it safe to drive?
  • Will your passengers have an enjoyable riding experience?
Phone swipe

The inspection protects them (and you) from all kinds of potential issues, and allows riders to hire independent contractors like you. They’ve developed a 19-point vehicle inspection designed to assure them that no issues will be found with the vehicle in question, and that your customers will enjoy their experience and use the service again.

Uber vehicle inspection requirements

What is it exactly that inspectors are looking for when your vehicle gets checked out? Well, first they’ll ask for the year, make, and model of your vehicle. Uber’s vehicle requirements vary from state to state, but some requirements are standard for all drivers – for example, your car must have 4 doors and enough room for at least 4 passengers, all of which have their own functioning seatbelt.

Beyond those basic requirements, cars must also pass the 19-point inspection. The actual inspection doesn’t take longer than 10 minutes, and the result is either “pass” or “fail”.

19-Point checklist that a mechanic will consider

As long as your vehicle is in good running order, you can expect it to pass the inspection, right? Well, there are a few things that might throw your expectations off quite a bit! Most of the items checked are basic, such as working headlights and tail lights, horn, and such.

However, there are a couple of things that you’ll want to be prepared for prior to your appointment. The single most common reason drivers fail inspections is the tread depth. Plenty of people don’t replace their tires as often as they should, so taking care of that before taking the car to get an inspection is important. Obviously changing tires can take quite a bit of time and it can be quite costly too, so you’d want to make sure that it was absolutely necessary before you committed to it.

Let’s consider this situation if you were to work with a local mechanic, and then let’s contrast it to the experience you would have with Rideshare Mechanic.

If you were to request an appointment for a vehicle inspection with a local mechanic, you would schedule the appointment, drive over there, pay for the inspection, and get the results back stating that you have to change your tires. After you changed your tires, you’d have to go back to pay for another inspection for your car!

So how would that same scenario look like with Rideshare Mechanic?

First, you would either request an on-demand appointment or schedule an appointment during a time that works best for you, perhaps during our extended business hours. During the video chat session, the inspector will recognize the bald tires (based on the Penny test) and will end the session, informing you to get new tires. But in this case, because you don’t pass the inspection, you wouldn’t pay anything to Rideshare Mechanic! We have a “no pass, no pay” policy to encourage drivers such as yourself to use our service risk free!

Keep in mind, you can write new tires off as an expense come tax time!

Below is a list of exactly what will be looked at in Uber’s 19-point inspection:

Tail lights
Turn indicator lights
Brake lights
Brakes and steering
Brake pads and shoe thickness
Emergency / parking brake
Steering mechanism
Windows and other glass
Rear window
All other windows
Windshield wipers
Seats and doors
Front seat adjustment
Safety belts for the driver and every passenger
Doors (locks, opening, closing)
Muffler and exhaust system
Tires (including that tread depth)
Interior and exterior rear view mirrors

Each of these things will be checked, without fail, and any problems with your vehicle will have to be dealt with. This results in simple items like shoddy windshield wipers causing you to fail your inspection. Nobody wants to pay for another inspection because of something silly like that, so Rideshare Mechanic has taken that out of the question.

Uber vehicle inspection form

Every inspector at Rideshare Mechanic will have Uber’s inspection form readily available to conduct your inspection. If you go to a local mechanic, be sure to print off the form and take it with you. You may want to take a look at it too just to be clear on what will be covered during the inspection. The form is very simple, and each item has a “pass” or “fail” option. Any marks on the “fail” side automatically fails the inspection for your vehicle.

Download official Uber inspection form (pdf)

The good news about Rideshare Mechanic is that all agents have the form and can get this thing filled out quickly while you stay at the comfort of your own home, saving you precious time and, quite frankly, money.

How much does an Uber vehicle inspection cost?

By now you’re probably thinking, “Well, this sounds great! But what is the price of this service? The pricing depends on what option you choose for your vehicle inspection.

Option 1: Rideshare Mechanic

For just $43.99, complete your 19-point vehicle inspection through our video chat service, and get up and driving again quickly, without ever leaving your driveway. We can schedule an appointment, or we can simply get started when you’re ready with an on-demand appointment. You can see details here.

Single Inspection

One Uber inspection


(No payment until you pass your inspection)

Inspection Bundle

Any two inspections for the same vehicle


(No payment until you pass your inspection)

Option 2: Uber Greenlight Hub

The second way to get an inspection at no cost: you can find an “Official Greenlight Hub Location” in your city. However, these Uber locations are on a first-come, first-serve basis (i.e. no appointments offered) and can get quite packed, so you may be spending over an hour there waiting for your inspection, not to mention the time it takes (and gas!) to drive there. Furthermore, their hours can be quite limited. So is it really a no-cost inspection? The price you don’t pay to the Greenlight Hub may end up costing you quite a bit actually! Do a total-cost analysis on the entire inspection protocol nd you may be shocked to learn how much that local mechanic’s inspection is really costing you.

Apart from the Greenlight Hubs, you can schedule an appointment at a location (potentially) near you. An appointment at at any of these mechanics will likely cost you anywhere from $20-$35, and can result in you receiving a long laundry list of recommended repairs, for items that aren’t even covered in the Rideshare inspection. Going with the mechanic’s recommendation can be very pricey.

If you are not a new Uber driver applicant, Rideshare Mechanic performs the inspection for the price of $43.99. If you are an existing Uber and Lyft driver, you can get both inspections for only $71.99! Note that if you go to an Uber Greenlight Hub, they will not offer you a Lyft inspection. So in short, Rideshare Mechanic can serve you for both you Lyft and Uber demands from the comfort of your own home, saving you time, money, and frustration, all at an attractive pricing structure.

Uber inspection locations near you

To find a location near you, simply run a search for “Uber Vehicle Inspection” + “THE NAME OF YOUR CITY” (which you should replace with, well, the name of your city).

Most mechanics complete these inspections, which will usually cost somewhere between $20-$35. You’ll also need to print out the inspection form and take it to them. We recommend that you call in advance to schedule an appointment; otherwise you could be there for a long time!

Alternatively, you may find a Greenlight Hub or Spots. Hubs are locations that have offices owned by Uber and can generally answer any questions you might have regarding the process. Spot locations pop up sporadically, and are less knowledgeable on the workings of Uber. These appointments are free, but can be hard to come by.

Comparing your options for vehicle inspections

Let’s summarize between the various options for Rideshare Inspections:

Uber Greenlight Hub

  • Free inspection for Uber
  • Must drive to physical location
  • Limited business hours (which are often outdated)
  • Will not provide Lyft inspection
  • Walk-ins only, no appointments, so can have a long wait time

Local mechanic shop

  • Typical cost is $20-$35
  • Must drive to their physical location
  • Must take printed inspection form for them to fill out
  • Limited business hours
  • Usually must schedule in advance
  • Often try to find other issues with your car and sell you many other services outside of the requirements for Rideshare driving

Rideshare Mechanic

  • Inspection for Uber drivers $43.99
  • Perform inspection from wherever your car is, including your own driveway
  • Extended business hours (9 AM to 9 PM, PST, 7 days per week)
  • Complete your Lyft and Uber inspection ($71.99)
  • We already have forms to fill out
  • We only focus on rideshare inspections and won’t try to sell you any other services for your car


Rideshare Mechanic cuts out all the hassle for an Uber inspection, for just $43.99. You don’t have to play the guessing game with a mechanic, and you don’t have to wait in line, or wasting time and gas to get somewhere.

Why do Uber drivers recommend car inspections with Rideshare Mechanic?

No one is more qualified to make recommendations than people who have used our service. Hear what some of these people have to say below, and to see all of our 1,000+ google reviews, click here: https://goo.gl/osZJBf

Many of our drivers are new driver applicants for Uber. However, once they experience how much easier Rideshare Mechanic is for them, they often come back and become loyal, repeat customers.

"Quick, courteous, and professional. Joy inspected my vehicle and promptly delivered my inspection documents! It is a smooth and easy process! I highly recommend trying Rideshare Mechanic!"
"Super easy, fast, efficient. Great value and time saver. No more waiting for ages at the mechanic. Nice representative. Very pleased."
"This is such a great concept and service from the comfort of your home. This is my second time using this service, and it's very simple. The staff is prompt communicable, and thorough. I will for sure ALWAYS use Rideshare Mechanic for my needs."

Top 4 Frequently asked questions from Uber drivers:

The simplest place is right in your own driveway with Rideshare Mechanic. You can also find Greenlight Hub/Spot locations, or certified mechanics.

Check out our pricing page.

Around 15 minutes.

The problems with most vehicles are easily fixable, and you’ll receive a list of the things that failed. Rideshare Mechanic won’t charge you until you pass, so you have time.