Why All Drivers Should have Access to Both Uber and Lyft

Author photoBy Hamed

One of the best things about being a rideshare driver is the status of an “independent contractor.” This means you are free and flexible to work when you want and, more importantly, for WHOM you want. And that means you can drive for more than one rideshare app.

There is no set rule or contractual agreement that says you have to work for Uber only or Lyft only. So, if you have the time, energy, and the inclination, you can switch between apps and enjoy the best of both worlds. 

Here are a few reasons why you really should consider driving for both Uber and Lyft.

Sign up bonuses 

Even if you aren’t completely sure you want to drive for both rideshare companies long-term, there is no harm in signing up and giving it a go, especially when you get sweet bonuses for doing so! 

Lyft’s sign up bonuses change regularly and may differ from state to state, but you could get up to $1,000 guaranteed if you manage to complete a certain number of rides in your first 30 days. With Uber, the free sign-up bonuses can reach up to $2,500 in some cities. With bucks like that being offered, signing up for both is a no-brainer.

Maximize trips with both apps running at the same time 

You can work for both Uber and Lyft during the same shift by having the two apps running at the same time. This is a great way to maximize your trips, your earnings and your tips. Just make sure to turn off the other app when you accept a ride request in one otherwise you could get a request in the other app which you will need to decline. Remember, a higher acceptance rate leads to more rides with higher-rated riders.

Driver for Uber and Lyft

You’ve already passed the background check

The inspection and approval processes for both Uber and Lyft are pretty similar, so if you’ve been checked and deemed worthy by one, you can be pretty sure you’ll be approved on the other platform too. So, why not?

You can quit one if you don’t like it, no loss to you

The good thing about working for rideshare companies is that you are a contractor and in control of your own destiny! If you decide, for any reason, that you don’t like one of them, you can just quit. There is no notice period, or official resignation procedure, or any financial penalty for doing so. All you have to do is delete your account and delete the app from your phone.

Drive for Uber and Lyft

Incentive options and different surge times

Uber and Lyft may have surge times at different points of the day or week and by working for both, you can reap all the benefits. You can also take advantage of the different incentives and rewards schemes from each app and boost your earnings.

If your account gets suspended on one, drive for the other 

Sometimes passengers make false claims like “my driver ran through a stop sign” and Lyft or Uber will temporarily suspend your account while they investigate. If you can’t drive, you can’t earn. And if this happens on a Thursday and you lose the entire weekend income, that’s going to hurt! But, if you have the other company to fall back on, you can keep driving and keep the money rolling in.