Why Every Rideshare Driver Needs a Dash Cam

Author photoBy Hamed

If you’re a rideshare driver or considering getting into the game, then there is one tool you should definitely think about adding to your car— a dash cam. Dash cams are one of the most important devices for rideshare drivers, whether you’re driving for Uber, Lyft, or any other rideshare company. 

Not only do they give added security, but they have multiple benefits for you, your passengers, and your vehicle. Here are 6 simple reasons why rideshare drivers need a dash cam.

1. Evidence in the Event of an Accident

No matter how careful a driver you are, the reality is that accidents do happen. And the sad truth is that, as a rideshare driver, people tend to be quick to place the blame on you. While a dash cam isn’t going to prevent an accident, it will ease the stress should you be unlucky enough to get in one. 

Dash cams provide evidence in the event of an accident

At the end of the day, dash cam footage is your most reliable witness. You can provide it to the authorities and insurance companies which will not only reduce the time it takes to settle, but can also help you avoid extra expenses and insurance premiums. 

2. Bad Behavior

While most rideshare passengers are cool, calm and collected, when you work with the general public, there is always a chance that you’ll come into contact with some who aren’t. Drunk or aggressive passengers can be unpredictable and things can escalate quickly. Hopefully, having a dash cam in place will act as a deterrent, but should an incident occur, then you can pass the dash cam footage to the police to be used as evidence. 

Bad behavior: passenger stealing rideshare driver’s tips! (Photo courtesy of FoxNews.com)

Dash cams also give extra security for passengers and drivers against sexual harassment. While at the same time, dash cams can be used to prove innocence should a driver be falsely accused of inappropriate behavior towards passengers.

3. Avoid Insurance Scams

Insurance fraud is big money! Gangs of scammers target honest drivers by intentionally causing accidents and faking injuries, all with the sole aim of collecting vast sums of money from insurance companies. 

Dash cams can protect you against crash for cash schemes

Often, when it comes to such accidents, it’s a case of their word against yours, but not if you have a dash cam! Your dash cam can record any incidents, catching the culprits of these “crash for cash” schemes, and save your insurance premiums.

4. Keep Watch Over Your Unattended Vehicle

As a rideshare driver, your car is your most important asset, so having a tool which looks out for it while you’re away is a pretty good investment! Some dash cams offer a ‘parking mode’, which means the dash cam knows when the vehicle is parked and will record to memory card when the motion detection sensors are triggered. 

Dash cams offer extra security to your car when parked

So, if something or someone passes by or impacts your parked car, such as scrapes the door, knocks off the wing-mirror, or does a smash-and-grab burglary, you’ll have footage. 

5. False Claims

As we mentioned, most passengers are great, however, there are those random few who feel the need to ruin your day. Dishonest passengers have been known to lie in the attempt to get a free ride. Drivers have been accused of being intoxicated, under the influence of drugs, or that they acted inappropriately. Such false accusations can have huge implications, including having your driver account deactivated. 

Having a dash cam that records video and audio can help protect you in such false claims cases. Just be sure that if you plan on recording audio, you will be legally required to let passengers know, either with a sign in the vehicle or verbally.

6.Catch the Unexpected

While the main reason rideshare drivers need a dash cam is driver and passenger safety, there is a more amusing side to things! Sometimes dash cams can catch those little moments in life that are just so crazy they have to be seen to be believed. 

Dash cams can catch all sorts of weird and wonderful moments outside and inside of your rideshare vehicle. For example, the Russian driver’s dash cam that caught the meteor entering the Earth’s atmosphere, or the Uber driver who coached a woman through her labor as she delivered her baby in his backseat!

Got your dash cam yet?