Become a Trusted Driver for Busy Families - Earn Extra Cash and Set Your Own Schedule

Earn up to $750/week by providing a safe and reliable transportation service to children. It's simple, use the intuitive iPhone/Android app and start receiving scheduled rides up to 24 hours in advance.

What it takes to be a Zūm driver

Since you'll be working with children, safety is the number one priority. We go through a rigorous process to vet the right candidates to be Zūm drivers. For starters, you must:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Have a clean driving record & background check
  • Have experience working with children
  • Own a 2009 or newer four door vehicle in great condition
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How it works?

Zūm is more than a well-paying job at your own terms. You always have visibility of pay when you take a job and what else, you are part of a tight-knit Zūm family where we care for each other.

  • Accept a ride

    Know your rides a day in advance.

  • Deliver great service

    Know when to leave to get there on time.

  • Get paid!

    Once the ride ends, your payment is processed.

This platform boasts unique benefits for drivers. Start driving now and receive a $500 sign-up bonus!

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The app will notify you a day in advance about available rides that you can accept. This gives you plenty of time to schedule your day around the rides you will be giving.

You can accept or pass on a ride, depending on your availability. There is no penalty for passing on a ride.

We pay through direct deposit. Processed on Tuesday for the week before, and then deposited on Friday.

We do our best to keep you local. When you get a ride it shows you the pick up and drop off location. The final call to accept the ride is always yours.

It is not necessary to purchase any additional insurance, as Zūm covers every passenger in the vehicle up to $1 million.

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RideShare Mechanic recommends driving for Zūm

Zūm drivers (also known as Zūmers) are a community unlike any other group of third-party drivers.

Zūmers love working with children, care about making a positive impact in the lives of educators and busy families and are excited to brand ambassadors for Zūm's mission.

Service area

Zūm serves schools in California, Arizona, Texas, Illinois, and Florida with more coming soon.

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"I like how well Zūm matches rides up back-to-back, so I don’t have to wait long in-between rides. And if I have an appointment, it’s no big deal taking time off."
Alison, Zūmer since 2016
"Working with Zūm has given me the flexibility of work/life balance all while working with AMAZING children. Zūm gives me job security on my own schedule."
Toshiana, Zūmer since 2017
"I love working with Zūm and wish I had this service when my kids were younger. The pay is great and I can always reach someone on the Zūm team."
Eva, Zūmer since 2015