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Make Videos & Photos and Save on Your Phone

Please have the videos and photos saved on your phone ready for your inspector to review at the time of your inspection.

How to:

Completing your Vehicle Inspection

Before you begin, you will need the following
Your vehicle
to complete your car inspection.
A clean penny
to perform penny test.
An area with enough room
to drive vehicle forward a few feet.
A well-lit area
to film quality videos.
Phone swipe

How to make video #1

Before you begin: close and lock all doors.

Overview: You will start at VIN (Driver windshield) and walk around the car in a counter-clockwise direction end at passenger front door.

Start video at VIN:

  • proceed to show driver side mirror

  • pull driver-side door handles to show both are locked

  • move to rear of vehicle, show bumper and the rear back glass

  • then kneel and slightly and extend camera under car to show exhaust pipe/muffler

  • then walk to passenger side, pull on both passenger side door handles to show they’re locked, finally show passenger side mirror


How to make video #2

Before you begin (for Vids 2, 3, 4): turn steering wheel to left, turn on headlights, hazards, and ensure odometer setting is for total mileage (not trip). Buckle all seat belts.

Overview: You will start at front of vehicle and make your way around the car in a counter-clockwise direction to the passenger side front tire.

Start at the front of the car facing the headlights:

  • show front hazards (blinking) and headlights

  • walk to front driver tire and perform penny test

  • move to rear driver tire to conduct penny test

  • move to back of car, show rear hazards and tail lights

  • move to the rear passenger tire, repeat penny test

  • proceed to front passenger tire for penny test


How to make video #3

Before you begin: sit in the driver’s seat, aim camera at dashboard.

Start video:

  • engage emergency brake to show “brake” on dashboard

  • honk the horn

  • turn the steering wheel all the way to the right

  • show rearview mirror

  • activate windshield wipers


How to make video #4

Before you begin: stand near the driver’s seat with door closed but unlocked.

Start video and open door:

  • show buckled seat belt, adjust driver seat forward or backward

  • walk to rear driver door, open door and show all passenger seat belts are buckled

  • walk to passenger side, open and close passenger side back door, then open passenger front door and show front seat belt buckled, then adjust passenger seat forward or backward


How to make video #5

Before you begin: prop the phone up behind the car with brake lights in view (it helps to use front-facing camera, you can use an object such as a shoe or rock to prop the phone). Read our tips for the best way to complete video.

Video must show:

  • vehicle moved
  • brake lights and muffler work
  • no audible brake issues

Start video:

  • proceed to the driver’s seat

  • drive several feet and then apply the brakes

Please have the following photos ready:

Pic #1: Odometer

Pic #2: VIN

Pic #3: Rear license plate

To complete your preparation for inspection, please have prepare form filled.

Frequently asked questions:

The most consistent way we’ve found for drivers to complete video #5 alone is to find a parking lot nearby with some available room.

  • Park your vehicle so that it is a few feet from the curb (Tail lights toward the curb).
  • Ensure the camera is facing the tail lights and hit record, propping the phone up against the curb, proceed to the vehicle and drive the necessary 5-10ft and apply the brakes.
  • Put the vehicle in park, exit the vehicle and end the video.

The VIN is located in a few locations on the vehicle, acceptable VIN locations for Video #1 and the Picture are located in the driver side windshield (1) and in the driver side door frame (2).

The object of the penny test is to show how deep the tread of your tire is. To do this insert the penny with Abraham Licoln head down into the deepest point of your tread.

No, you only pay if you pass!

This depends on the driver, are you going for the record? Probably 7 minutes to complete, but on average most drivers are able to complete the videos in 10-15 minutes.

The form will be e-mailed to the e-mail provided after payment is received.

No, we do not fail cars for being dirty, however, it can certainly impact your tips!