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How to Claim your Uber Referral Bonus

Maximize your earning potential with a guaranteed bonus (determined by Uber) for completing a certain amount of rides in a predetermined period of time.

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Recovered the bonus even after I had completed the 50-ride requirement

When I first signed up to drive for Uber, I intended to use a referral code, but for some reason it seems that it didn’t go through. I thought I had missed out on my chance to get my bonus, but Rideshare Mechanic helped me recover the bonus even after I had completed the 50-ride requirement. I’m glad it wasn’t too late for me to get the extra cash- it covered a tank of gas and my insurance payment!

Amir Amir T, Phoenix
AS EASY AS 1-2-3

How to list us for your Uber Referral

Step 1: Tap here: https://goo.gl/sgPzC5

Then “Sign in to get help” and log in. Then click "Message Us" and a page with blank fields will show up.

Step 2: Fill in the following information:

1 Invite code used

2 Friend’s name who referred you

3 Friend's phone number who referred you

4 Friend's E-mail address who referred you

5 Share additional details

6 Click submit
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1. If you are not a brand new driver (NEVER driven for Uber) then Uber may flag your account for fraudulent activity if you try to add the referral code.

2. Requesting Uber to add our referral code will override any previous referral code you may have used.

What’s next

You should receive a total of two emails, one confirming your invite code was used, the second will show “Jonathan” as the recipient, this second email confirms your referral was successful and your eligibility for the driving bonus.

Contact Uber directly

More information regarding the driving bonus will be provided by Uber as the offer differs based on region. If you have any questions about the referral or the bonus, please contact Uber directly.

Referral award policies, requirements, and amounts will vary by city.