Vehicle Inspection for Uber & Lyft Drivers in Virginia

Those who have used our service in the past know that RideShare Mechanic offers the most convenient form of vehicle inspection- an inspection performed via video chat from the comfort of wherever your car is! However, there are a few states which we cannot serve, and therefore residents of those states must complete their vehicle inspection through other means.

Where to get a vehicle inspection in Virginia? Note that there is no on-line list of vehicle inspection locations in Virginia. So you have the following options.

Option 1: You can go to any mechanic in your area that performs this type of inspection.

Just make sure that you call them in advance and ask if they can conduct the Virginia-state vehicle inspection (you may want to ask if it’s the kind that is required for Uber and Lyft drivers in Virginia). You can also call the Safety Inspector’s number for your region for a recommendation- see this map for more info [the top part of the page with the map has numbers]

Option 2: Use YourMechanic.

This is our personal recommendation for vehicle inspections in Virginia: YourMechanic is often referred to as the “Uber for mechanics”- simply schedule an appointment and a mechanic will come to wherever your car is to perform their services. We are all about convenience when it comes to driver on-boarding, so we encourage you to give YourMechanic a try – use this link to schedule your appointment.

Uber vehicle requirements in Virginia

Virginia happens to be one of the few states that requires its own in-state inspection. And we have listed some of the options you have to complete this step down below. But before proceeding, let’s review the basic qualifications for the vehicle inspection in Virginia:

  • For cars that are 10 years old or newer, the inspection must have been performed in the last 12 months
  • For cards that are 12 or 13 years old, the inspection must have been performed in the past 6 months
  • 4-door car with at least 5 seat belts
  • Must be a Virginia, Maryland, or DC state inspection
  • Cannot be an emissions inspection

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Virginia Uber vehicle inspection form

Form needs to be obtained from a state licensed facility. Safety inspections from Virginia or Maryland are accepted.

Uber Greenlight Hub Locations in Virginia

Uber Greenlight Hubs can be found all across the country, offering a place where drivers can go in person to complete their Uber vehicle inspections and also receive assistance on their driver account. For Virginia, you can find a Greenlight Hub at the following addresses:

Uber Greenlight Hub – Washington, DC

3921 Minnesota Ave NE Washington, DC

Uber Greenlight Hub – Baltimore MD

918 Fell St. Baltimore, MD

Uber Greenlight Spot – Tysons Corner, VA

Sprint – 8311 Leesburg Pike Vienna, VA

Uber Greenlight Spot – Takoma Park, MD

Sprint – 1141 University Blvd. E Takoma Park, MD

Greenlight Hampton – Sprint, VA

2146 W Mercury Blvd, Sprint Store Hampton Roads, Virginia 23666

Greenlight Norfolk – Military Hwy Sprint, VA

1087 N Military Hwy, Sprint Store Hampton Roads, Virginia 2350

car on the phone

Lyft vehicle requirements in Virginia

The requirements for Lyft are not different from those for Uber. Vehicle inspection for Lyft can be for state-specific inspections from Maryland, Virginia or DC. Note that the inspection is valid until the marked expiration date. If there is no expiration date listed, then Lyft requires a new inspection one year after the inspection date.

Vehicle requirements

  • 2005 or newer:
    • Fredericksburg
  • 2003 or newer: All other cities
  • 4 doors
  • 5-8 seats, including the driver’s

Document requirements

  • Virginia, Maryland, or D.C. state vehicle inspection certificate
  • Driver’s license
  • Vehicle registration
  • Personal vehicle insurance
  • Driver photo

Virginia Lyft vehicle inspection form

Your vehicle inspection can be from Virginia, Maryland, or D.C

Lyft vehicle inspection locations in Virginia

If you prefer to take your vehicle to a physical location for an inspection (as opposed to using RideShare Mechanic’s virtual inspection service), you can do an online search for “Lyft Inspection” + “THE NAME OF YOUR CITY”.

Inspection location other than RideShare Mechanic:

You have the option to visit a certified mechanic. Or, of course you can take the easiest and most cost-effective option with RideShare Mechanic, allowing you to have the vehicle inspection from wherever your car is.

Meineke Car Care Center

1837 Laskin Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23454


11463 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23233

Jiffy Lube

911 Greenville Ave, Staunton, VA 24401


10095 Brook Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23059

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