Author photoBy Joy Littleton

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Imagine the perfect job. Got it in your mind? Well, even that job can start to feel old and repetitive if you do it long enough, no matter what it is you’re doing. Everybody needs to mix it up a little bit from time to time to keep their job from getting stagnant and the same goes for rideshare drivers who partner with Uber and Lyft or other similar companies. That’s why it’s so important to take care of yourself both on and off the road when you’re a rideshare driver, so you don’t completely burn out on your job.

Burning out leads to overall dissatisfaction, frustration and annoyance, which means you’re sure to be a bit of a bummer. Not that you have to be all sunshine and smiles on the job; we’re all human and meant to experience the full spectrum of emotions on a regular basis, but you should take your mental health into consideration at all times on and off the clock. You might notice a dip in your reviews if you’re a burnt out driver, passengers want a driver at peace with their duty, not someone who resents every aspect of their job.

A few drivers shared their tips on how they avoid burning out on the job (hint, there’s a lot of agreement that you might benefit from changing more of your daily routine when you’re not just driving, so keep an open mind). 



This advice is for someone with a really flexible schedule. How is your day structured? Do you wake up in the morning, eat breakfast and then hit the road? See if you can completely flip that schedule on its back. One Lyft driver found himself tired of that routine and decided to end his workday before breakfast time. This requires a whole lot of dedication and flexibility, so it might not be fore everyone, but if you know your area has pretty good business during the time you’d usually be asleep, try adjusting your sleep schedule gradually to the daytime so you can net more clients at night and, hopefully, give you a welcome change of pace.



Perhaps this is a no-brainer for some, but it’s easy to get into a pattern of listening to the same music. If you just broaden your horizons and pick up a few new albums or explore different radio stations that play music you’re less familiar with, it’s bound to introduce you to some new tunes you’ll really enjoy. Let your passengers pick the next song, they just might pick something you’ll love. Also, be courteous of your passengers’ comfort with whatever you play, that’s always important to consider. If they choose music you can’t stand, don’t fret. They won’t be in your car all day and you can always change it back after they’re dropped off.



Put the car in park and pick up your book in between passengers, it’s quite comforting if you find a good book that can be enjoyed in short bursts of reading. Don’t ever read a printed book while you are in drive, obviously.  A paperback book is a great way to stay occupied while you wait for your passengers. We won’t go into what you should read, but know that it’s impossible to get bored if you make it a point to always have a good book on hand. Download some audiobooks. The library enables free “borrows” of audiobooks, or Audible is a great service that’ll get you reading all the new releases and classic titles while you drive. If you’re listening to something inappropriate for polite company, invest in a comfortable wireless earbud. Check your state’s laws on wearing headphones while driving. In Ohio, for example, the state’s revised code mandates “No person shall operate a motor vehicle while wearing earphones over, or earplugs in, both ears.” Also, that’d be pretty rude to your passenger if you pay zero attention to them while they’re in your car. Maybe you’re reading something you think your passenger would enjoy, ask them if they’d like to listen along. Play it by ear.



There’s plenty more ways to consider staving off the workday blues, but these practical pieces of advice indicate one can always find a way to prevent burning out on the job. In the end, you need to stay healthily stimulated and comfortable. You can always enjoy new snacks you’ll come across on the road, or perhaps try a fake accent with a few passengers… there’s plenty of fun, accessible ways to maintain the best attitude toward your job as a rideshare driver. One way you can save time, money and effort is to try RideShare Mechanic, which provides a full vehicle inspection via smartphone video. Try it today and you can save a trip to the mechanic and make more money on the road. Visit RideShare Mechanic’s website to learn more about their excellent customer service.