It’s good to familiarize yourself with a new industry you’d like to potentially enter, especially if you haven’t fully made up your mind about whether or not it’s the right kind of work for you. While rideshare companies like Lyft and Uber are equal opportunity employers, a certain amount of finesse and savvy know-how will assure you a boosted chance at making the most money possible on the road. Read ahead if you’d like to know seven tips on what to expect as a rideshare driver.


Vehicle sanitation is an essential factor, now more than ever in the shadow of the coronavirus. You’ll want to constantly consider cleanliness and sanitation between passengers as a rideshare driver. You are motivated to make money by driving as many different passengers as you can in a shift, so that means your vehicle will be under heavy use with a myriad of riders from all walks of life. Some of these passengers may be traveling while ill, so it is up to you to consider the well being of every person who gets in your car, along with your own health, of course. Do you want to consider a hermetic barrier between the driver’s seat and all passengers to avoid contagions? You’ll want to take any cleaning products into account while you budget your earnings every paycheck. 


There are mandatory vehicle inspections to maintain your contract with rideshare companies, so do yourself a favor and schedule an online inspection today with Rideshare Mechanic Instead of having to drive to an auto shop to get your inspection, we can walk you through the simple steps needed to get a satisfactory assessment of your vehicle’s condition, so you can get on the road and start earning.


You’ll come to truly appreciate the majority of your perfectly pleasant passengers because there’s inevitably going to be one rider who just wants to make everyone’s day worse. Don’t let them dishearten you or make you feel wary of everyone who needs a ride in the community — you never know what someone’s going through while they give you a hard time, so assume the best of people, but always stand up for yourself. Respond to rudeness with polite assertiveness and never engage in heated discourse. Each company has different protocols concerning your reaction to unruly passengers, so pay close attention during orientation. If you believe a passenger is a threat to your safety, end the ride as soon as possible in a public, well-lit place. No fare is worth your safety. 


Don’t wait until tax season to find out how much you’ll owe on your wages. Rideshare drivers are independent contractors who work on a 1099 for their respective companies, which means that you’ll owe a sizable chunk of your annual earnings come tax day as opposed to a typical W2 employee who is eager to find out how much they’ll receive in their returns. Always budget around the deductions and put aside enough so that you won’t feel too stressed out when it’s time to pay.


You need your rideshare company’s app to work so that you can connect with passengers to do your job. If there’s something wrong on the technical end, you’re stuck sitting around during time you could be earning more fares. One way to ensure you do everything you can to stay profitable during your work time is to have a backup smartphone that can serve as your sole GPS and interfacer with the rideshare company’s app. If anything seems to be performing poorly, it may be as simple as opening the same app up on a different phone. Familiarize yourself with the company’s technical support resources and always keep an eye on your equipment to make sure it’s properly functioning.


Most people are kind and reasonable when it comes to rating you as driver after their ride. Most. There are certain people who lash out by leaving unfavorable ratings regarding your performance or demeanor. If you feel certain feedback is damaging to your chances at a successful stint as a rideshare driver, get in touch with your company and explain the situation in a way that accurately depicts the ride in question. If you are repeatedly getting the same criticism from riders concerning a particular aspect of how you conducted the trip, consider ways to improve within reason. Higher rated drivers attract more riders, pure and simple, so always do your best and don’t let a bad day get in the way of your success.


 You’ll need to make sure of several important factors before you can be considered by rideshare companies. A good driving record, car insurance, the ability to pass a background check and a four-door vehicle that’s less than fifteen years old are generally the most important to start. While different companies have distinct policies regarding other more specific areas, you’ll essentially need to prove that you will not be a threat to passengers or other motorists while driving for your company. Do you think you have what it takes to be a successful rideshare driver? Sign up with Rideshare Mechanic today to schedule your online inspection!