The Strapped For Cash Survival Guide – Day 1:

Author photoBy Joy Littleton

Many people, especially during times like these, are looking for ways to earn some extra money on the side. There are plenty of guides that tend to suggest practically anything under the sun as a side-gig or as a way to earn an extra income, but not all of them actually work. 


That’s why we’ve compiled a list for you, with some smaller and shorter tasks that anyone looking for an extra income can do, that don’t take up a lot of your time and are an easy way to make a few bucks.


Over the next several articles, we’ll be covering plenty of different ways that anyone can use to earn some extra cash – or even start an entire side job with our 12 Easy Ways To Make Some Extra Money in 2020. Each week, we’ll be discussing the different ways that you can earn some extra money or an additional income, with a guide that ranges from things like filling out surveys, to renting out things you own and more.


Online Surveys

This is, by far, one of the easiest tasks to do for anyone that’s looking to earn some money, because there are a large number of companies that are always trying to find people for their consumer feedback step in the process of creating new products, or are looking for feedback as a way to improve their existing products. Websites such as SurveySavvy, GlobalTestMarket, or American Consumer Opinion are just a few of the many websites that pay their users for sharing their feedback and opinions on various products or services. And for anyone that’s looking to maximize their potential profits by filling out surveys, the best thing to do is join several of these websites and fill out as many surveys as possible on each one.


Paid to Search

Companies and search engines are always looking for people to use their search engine, or use one of their services to search and shop, and they get plenty of users by offering incentives that range from points that can be exchanged for cash, or other types of rewards such as gift cards, movies, games or apps. There’s Microsoft Rewards that offers the latter types of rewards, and there’s also Swagbucks, which has paid its users’ hundreds of millions for using the service, to date.


Install Softwares

This is not a very traditional job opportunity, but it’s one of the easiest ways to get into the tech industry and make some money. There are places like PerInstallCash, that ask users to install and host different types of software on their websites – which means you’ll need a website for this one – and when the visitors download and install that software from your website, you’ll get paid.


Mobile Apps

Companies big and small are looking to gather as much data as possible to predict, as accurately as possible, and possible patterns and trends with consumers – this is called market research. There are apps that reward their users for sharing their data, purchase history, and mobile data usage for this reason, like ShopTracker, SavvyConnect, and MobileXpression.


Watch Movie Previews

There’s no reason to go to film school to share your opinion on any type of video content anymore. This is another thing that Swagbucks offers its users – to watch videos such as movie previews and share whether or not you like them. During this process, the users ill be earning Swagbucks, which can be redeemed for gift cards.


This is just a short list of some of the easier tasks that anyone can do if you’re looking to earn some extra cash, aside from your regular 9-5 job. Next week we’ll be covering some of the jobs that you can do that require a bit more time to finish but are rewarding (with cash of course) in the end.