The Strapped For Cash Survival Guide – Day 2: 11 Ways to Earn Money Both Offline and Online

Author photoBy Joy Littleton

We’re back with some more ways that anyone can easily earn an extra income aside from their main 9-5 job, and, as promised, we’ll be covering some things that are easy to do, as well as some things that can require more expertise.


Mock Trials

If you think that you need to know insider legislature secrets or go to law school to be able to work in the legal sector, think again. There are websites such as OnlineVerdict or eJury, where anyone can participate in mock trials for lawyer’s clients, and you get paid for your time.


Beta Test

As we mentioned in the previous post, many companies are always looking for feedback on their products or their services, and this is especially true in the digital world, where more and more products are being released with each passing day. However, to release those products, companies need to make sure that everything is working right, which is why services like uTest, VMC’s Global Beta Test Network, and Erli Bird exist, where people can get paid to test a product, usually following a guide, and report anything that seems off.


Post on Forums

One of the essential things for people that run successful websites is to have an engaging online community, which is done through online forums. There are companies, such as myLot and Paid Forum Postings, that pay its users to post quality content so that they can have more website traffic – and as a bonus, you can also develop your writing skills, for an income option we’ll be discussing in one of the next posts.


Micro Freelancing

Websites such as Microworkers and Damongo offer their users small tasks that they can do to get a small amount of cash. Although by itself this isn’t a great way to earn extra money, if you combine it with some of the other ways we’ve been suggesting, you can easily turn it into a lucrative side-gig.


Maintain Fan Pages

If you think that scrolling on social media platforms all day is a waste of time, this one is going to change your mind. If you have some free time, you can offer to maintain fan pages and accounts on social media platforms for businesses on Fiverr, where you can post content, chat with others and gain followers for the business.


Clinical Trials

Universities, hospitals, and medical clinics are always looking for volunteers that can participate in different studies, in exchange for payment. You have to accept any consequences from the trials, so make sure that you do your homework before diving headfirst into this one. If you already know what you’re getting into, head to CenterWatch or ClinicalTrials to apply for different studies.


Donate Blood Plasma

You can earn about $50 every time you donate your blood plasma on sites like BloodBanker and CSL Plasma – although the total amount of cash you’ll get depends on the volume of plasma you can donate, which is determined by how much you weigh. In other words, the heavier you are, the more money you’ll get. 


Improve search results

You can become an online content evaluator on websites like Appen and Lionbridge and help companies to improve their search results, by making them useful and relevant for other users. All you have to do is test the websites and answer some questions.


Micro Tasks For Amazon

Many tasks require human intelligence, which include things like selecting the correct spelling for some search terms, or finding out if two products are the same, and you can get paid a small amount of money for this on Amazon Mechanical Turk.


Data Entry

If you can type relatively fast on your keyboard, you should look into data entry as your side-gig. There are both businesses and individuals that are looking for administrative and data entry jobs that you can do at home, and you can find them on Craigslist or Upwork.


Tune in next week on our next post in the series, where we’ll be covering ten more ways that you can earn some extra cash both online and offline, including some things that you never thought someone can get paid to do!