The Strapped For Cash Survival Guide – Day 4: Earning Money from TV Shows

Author photoBy Joy Littleton

There’s no need to go to film school, become a famous director or an actor, or even know much about lighting to be able to be on the small screen. In fact, most of the time, all you really need is a fun personality and a good spirit, and you’re already ahead of the competition for most of the entries on the latest list.


Today we will be covering all of the ways you can be behind the scenes, or on the small screen, and earn money while you’re there.


One of the easiest ways that anyone can make money quickly is to win it. There are hundreds of thousands of contests looking for participants, both on TV and online, on websites such as Contestgirl, where you can enter and win big or small prizes. Just remember that winning a contest doesn’t always mean that you’re set for life, and you’re also going to have to pay taxes on all of your winnings, so make sure you do that before you go spending all of your winnings. 



Are you someone that has a special skill and some free time in your day? Then perhaps you might consider entering a competition for your skill where you can win a cash prize. In the worst-case scenario, if you do participate and you fail, you’ll have a cool story to tell your friends and family. However, if you win, there are plenty of big prizes you can get.


Game Shows

Anyone can apply to participate in a game show; however, not everyone is always selected. However, if you have a fun personality, or if you’re just genuinely an outgoing person, the chances of you getting selected are a lot higher than you might think. You can either look for game shows that air on your local TV stations, or apply to be some of the bigger ones, such as Family Feud, The Price is Right, or Jeopardy, where the prizes can be quite substantial.


Coach Contestants

If you are someone that’s already been on a game show, and now you’re not sure what to do with that knowledge or experience, the answer is actually very easy: coach other contestants that can follow in your footsteps. Not only can you make a side-gig out of it, by giving classes to anyone that’s looking to go on a game show on TV, but you can also make a contract to get a percentage of the contestant’s winnings – if they win, that is.


These are just some of the easy ways that you can easily make money with contests and competitions. Next week, we’ll be discussing how people can easily earn some extra money by renting and selling some of the things that they own, so make sure you stick around to find out if you have something to rent or sell to get some cash.