The Strapped For Cash Survival Guide – Day 5: Renting or Selling to Make Money

Author photoBy Joy Littleton

First on the list of earning some extra money this week is things that you own and can rent out to others to make some extra money, and if you’re really good at this sort of thing, you can easily turn it into an extra income for yourself. After that, we’ll be talking about everything that you can potentially sell to make some quick cash.


Rent Your…


Let’s start with the very basic one – if you have anything that you own, that you’re not using, but it’s actually a thing that someone else might find useful, you can easily rent it out and make a good profit while you’re doing it, on websites like Loanables.


Extra room

Do you have an extra bedroom that you’re not really using in your home? Do you also live in a location frequented by tourists? Then it’s time to stop using that room as extra storage space, clean it up, take some pictures and sign up as a host on Airbnb or VRBO.


And if you don’t have an extra bedroom, you can check if someone from your own neighborhood is already on Airbnb and try co-hosting with them, where you’ll get paid for performing concierge-like services, or screen the potential guests for your neighbor.


Studio space

In a world with so many buildings, it’s still not easy to find a creative space, which means that people in the creative industries are always looking for a room where they can practice in peace. If you have some studio space, and even a musical instrument, you can sign up on Sparkplug and rent out this space, or the musical instruments that you own on this website and make some money in the process.


Your Parking spot

People that live in big cities know how difficult it can be to find a good parking spot. In fact, there are places in Europe where you can rent out a parking spot months in advance if you know you’ll be going somewhere for a while. If you have an empty parking spot, or even if you’re not using your driveway, you can rent out that space on Craigslist.



There are apps such as Getaround and Turo, where car owners going out of town, or people who don’t use their cars too frequently, can rent out their cars to people in their cities. These apps price car renting on a per-hour or a per-day basis.



Why stop at renting your car if you already own a boat that you’re not using too often that you can actually rent out. With websites like Sailo, if nothing else, you’ll at least have an easier time covering the costs of boat ownership.



Websites like Loanables or RentNotBuy allow people who have too much stuff in their closets to rent out their clothes by the day or by the week and earn money for it.


Sell Your…


If you’re a creative person that likes to draw or paint every once in a while, this one’s for you. ArtFire, ShopHandmade, and websites like these allow you to sell your art to others easily. Who knows, you might find your last piece on the wall of a hotel you’ll visit someday.


Lesson Plans

All current and former teachers can pay it forward with this one and get some extra cash for it. Teachers Pay Teachers is a website where teachers can sell their lesson plans online, and new teachers are always looking for new ones.



It’s time to get rid of everything in your closet that doesn’t spark joy and sell the things that are still functional and wearable to people who are actually going to be wearing those clothing items, and websites like thredUP can help you in the process.


Old Books

To all the book-hoarders out there: it’s time to get rid of your old books, and the ones you’ve never even considered reading, and get a solid stream of income. If you’re not sitting on a pile of books, don’t worry, the nearest thrift shop can help you. You can get some used books for pennies, and then sell them on apps like BookScouter or


CDs, DVDs, Video Games

These things might not be useful to you anymore, but you can still sell them for a price, and on apps like Decluttr, you can get them a valuation for old media teams, and then box them up and ship them to the site for free, while receiving some money for them.



It’s nothing new, but it’s something that people tend to overlook. If you have any furniture you’re not using, write up an ad on Craigslist or an online consignment store like Chairish, or even Viyet if it’s a designer piece, and make some cash.



Another one for the creative people who are always looking to start a brand new creative project and make more crafts – on websites like Etsy or Craigslist, you can sell these items and make a decent income if the items are especially good.


Stock photos

Anyone that’s ever been on a stock photo website will know that these pictures can be quite expensive. The market for stock photos, vector graphics, and videos is still growing, so if you have any of those skills, make sure you sign up on sites like Shutterstock, Dreamstime, or iStock and upload what you’ve made.


Phone photos

Are people always telling you that the photos you take are really great, even though you’re just using your iPhone to take them? If that’s the case, you might want to sign up to Foap, where you can upload the photos you take with your phone and sell them, while earning money on every photo that you end up selling on the app.


Virtual property

Skilled and passionate gamers that tend to play World of Warcraft or Second Life, this one’s for you. You can sell high-level characters in these games or virtual property to other gamers and be on your way to becoming a virtual real-estate agent.


Junk mail

There is a market research company, Small Business Knowledge Center, where you can send your junk mail – both offline and online – to get it evaluated. Then you’re rewarded with points to exchange for prepaid Visa cards.


Subscription box

Our last entry on the list for today is subscription boxes such as Birchbox, which you can create yourself. You can make them on platforms like Cratejoy, and quickly build, run, and scale your brand new subscription box business.


These were all of the possible things that you could rent or sell to make some cash, and next week we’re going to talk about possible side-job opportunities that you could do alongside your regular job and earn another income.