The Strapped For Cash Survival Guide – Day 7: Ways You Can Earn Money in Your Community

Author photoBy Joy Littleton

Today we’re back with another entry on our list of all the ways that you can earn some extra money, and we’re going to be talking about all of the things that you can easily do in your own community, or even your neighborhood, to earn some extra cash.


Walk dogs

If you’re an animal or even an outdoors lover, you’re going to find that walking dogs can be very rewarding. Not only are you going to enjoy spending time with these puppies and spend time outside, but you’re also going to get paid for it, thanks to services like Wag! And DogVacay.


Pet sit

Another option for the animal lovers out there is to help out people who are going out of town, or even to work, and keep an eye on their pets. On DogVacay and Rover, you can advertise your services and talk to the pet owners about how much time they’ll be away for.


Mow lawns

Most people want to have a neat and tidy front lawn, and all you really need to do to get started is talk to them, though vendors like GreenPal. To make sure you’re offering a good price, make sure you research the local landscaping companies and their prices.


Flip flea market finds

This is something that’s gotten fairly popular in recent years, so much so that some people have turned it into their career. All you need to do is go to flea markets and buy old things that you can rework into something new and usable, and then sell them on eBay or Craigslist.


Do odd tasks

With TaskRabbit and Zaarly, you can offer your time and various skills to people looking for help for anything from building a bookcase to keeping their place in line for a certain sum.



One of the oldest ways of making money that’s so easy, even teenagers tend to do it, but if you become a professional, you can set very high rates and earn a lot more than those teenagers. You can find potential clients on Sittercity or but make sure that you have any certifications that the parents are looking for.


Hold a garage sale

The best way to get rid of the things you no longer need, as well as decluttering your home, is to hold a garage sale and sell items at less than half than their original cost – or you can try listing the same things online for higher prices than at a garage sale.


Shovel snow

People living in snowy areas, rejoice because it’s finally time to spend your time helping your neighbors cleaning their lawns, sidewalks, and driveways. Most people are busy these days, so if you have some free time and work fast, this is the perfect thing for you.


Rake leaves

Just like the previous entry, raking leaves is just as important as shoveling snow; however, with this one, you can also bring a ladder and offer to clean out the gutters for people that can’t do that themselves, as an extra service for a few more bucks.


Dumpster diving/curb shopping

Find some neighborhoods where residents can leave things like furniture on the curb, and make sure you bring a vehicle to move them with. You can do the same thing with dumpster diving. Then, you can sell your valuable finds on websites like Craigslist or BarterOnly.


Clean houses

While there are plenty of cleaning and maid services all over the country, individuals tend to charge a lot less compared to companies, which is precisely why people will end up hiring you if you decide to pursue cleaning houses as a way to earn some extra money.


Sell gold or silver for scrap

If you have old jewelry that you haven’t been wearing, you can sell it for scrap. Just make sure to determine the ‘melt value’ for gold, and then shop around to get the best price possible for your old jewelry – both the gold and the silver.


Recycle scrap metal and tires

Recycling plants are willing to pay you money for metals like copper, brass, aluminum, and steel, and you can earn anywhere from 45 cents to $2.30, depending on the metal that you’re selling them and the location.


Deliver meals

You don’t need a car to deliver meals when you can also do that on a scooter, an electric bike, or even a regular bike. You can sign up on apps like Postmates, and then start picking up meals and groceries and deliver them to the customers.


Deliver during your commute

You can sign up on Roadie and turn your commute into a side gig by offering to deliver things during your regular commute.


Wash cars

There is no skill that’s necessary to wash a car, but there are some best practices, like avoiding dishwashing detergent or hand soap. All you need is some water and a car-washing detergent to get started.



If you deliver recyclable materials to local recycling facilities that you find on Gazelle, BoxCyle, and uSell, you can get paid for them, depending on their weight.


These were all of the things that you can do to earn some money while not even leaving your neighborhood most of the time, and generally sticking to your community. In our next entry, we’re going to be detailing all of the ways that you can potentially earn money from investments, the government, or even lawsuits you weren’t aware of.