Uber Driver Meets Her Real World Guardian Angel.

Last year, Latonya Young, an Uber driver from Georgia, picked up a rider that was about to change her life…

The ride was mostly uneventful. Latonya was on time, traffic was only the 3rd level of hell, instead of the usual 8th, and she & her rider found themselves having a friendly chat.

They chatted back and forth about a few things, including why she had stopped studying at Perimeter College after her GED studies. 

She explained to Kevin Esch, her attentive rider, that everything was in limbo at the moment because of an overdue student bill.

Being a single mom with three sons, finances had always been a delicate balancing act…

Whenever she could scrape together enough money to pay the bill, something else would come along, and she would need to take care of that, instead of her education.

It was clear to Kevin, that Latoya was someone who just needed a break.

Something that would allow her to take care of herself for a change, instead of everyone else…

They exchanged their goodbyes at the end of the ride, wishing each other well, and just before opening up the car door to get out, Kevin asked Latoya for her business card…

The following week, he visited Georgia State University and paid off the entire $693 that his Uber driver owed the university — So she was free and clear to start school again.

When Ellen DeGeneres heard about their story, she was quick to invite them both out to California to appear on her show, 

And to call the segment, just “Inspirational” wouldn’t go nearly far enough!

Come to think of it. I figure the best people to fill in the details of this heartwarming story are Latonya, Kevin, And Ellen themselves.

Included below is the Youtube link to the segment itself. Just click on the video below, so you can feel just a little bit better for today.

(You deserve it) 🙂