Can I Use my Lyft Vehicle Inspection Form to Apply for Uber or Vice Versa?

At Rideshare Mechanic, we often get asked, “Can I use my Uber vehicle inspection form for Lyft?” or “Can I use my Lyft inspection form for Uber?” We wish we had a simple answer for you, but the short version is, “Maybe. But only if you’re lucky.”

In the good old days, Lyft would accept your Uber inspection form and Uber had no issue accepting your Lyft form. Some people have managed to get it done even recently, but it seems that for the most part, those days are long gone.

Depending on the state in which you apply to drive, there can be small differences between the Uber and Lyft vehicle inspection forms – which is the main reason why there isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of answer to the question.

If, like many rideshare drivers today, you wish to drive for both Uber and Lyft (which we highly recommend!), the only way to guarantee the acceptance of your inspection forms is to submit the specific form to the respective company. Even though the standard Uber and Lyft vehicle inspection forms cover pretty much the same 19 points and basic driver/vehicle information, there can be slight differences that could result in a refusal if you try to submit one from to the other rideshare company.

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State-by-state differences between Uber and Lyft vehicle inspection forms

Depending on the state in which you apply to drive, there can be small differences between the Uber and Lyft vehicle inspection forms – which is the main reason why there isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of answer to the question. Some Lyft forms are even state-specific with the state name at the top of the form.

Example: ID verification requirements

The ID Verification requirement in California is a good example of one of the areas in which the Uber and Lyft forms differ. Let’s say you’re a driver in California and wish to submit your Uber vehicle inspection form to Lyft – in this case, you will most certainly be denied. Why? Because California is the only state in which Lyft requires the inspector to verify your ID (driver’s license), a detail which is missing from all Uber vehicle inspection forms!

Additional inspection points

Some states have more thorough inspections which take into consideration more vehicle features. You may find that based on your state, your vehicle may need to pass 22 or 25-point vehicle inspections instead of the standard 19.

vehicle inspection checklist

For example, the generic Lyft inspection form has just one checkbox for the pass or fail of the tires, which is the same as Uber all over the country. But in some states, the Lyft inspection form has separate pass or fail checkboxes for each tire— left and right front, left and right rear, and another check box for the tires overall.

Click here to view or download the Uber or Lyft vehicle inspection forms for your state.

Minor details

All Lyft inspection forms require an email address while the generic Uber form does not. This may seem to be a minor detail, but if you try to pass off your email-less Uber inspection form to Lyft, it could be viewed as incomplete and on that basis alone, be refused.

Other differences which could have an effect on whether your Uber form is accepted by Lyft or vice versa, are things such as the age of your vehicle. In some states, the vehicle age requirement differs from Uber to Lyft – in a particular market, Uber may accept a car that is 15 years old, whereas Lyft may only accept cars that are 12 years old or newer. An inspection form rejection can even come down to whether your vehicle has any commercial branding on it.

Our advice if you’re planning on driving for both companies

Don’t waste time! There really is no need to leave it to chance, not when RideShare Mechanic does both Lyft AND Uber inspections for you, all from the comfort of wherever your car is. If you’re planning on driving for both companies, you can remove the guesswork and save yourself the time, money and effort by doing both your Uber and Lyft inspections at the same time with Rideshare Mechanic. Let’s be honest, Lyft and Uber are competitors, and they frankly don’t want you to drive for both companies, so they will likely look for any excuse to reject your inspection form. Our philosophy is: don’t give them the chance; speed up your onboarding process and do it right the first time!

Our inspectors can tell you upfront exactly what your state requirements are and once the inspection is over, you’ll have instant access to both completed inspection forms, meaning you could be earning with Lyft and Uber much sooner than you would if you had to get your inspections done separately, which is what drivers who go to Uber Greenlight Hub and Lyft Hub have to do!

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