Want to Be an Uber/Lyft driver? Here are some tips and tricks to make more money

So, you want to have a successful career in the rideshare industry, driving for companies like Uber and Lyft. This is a great way to earn some money on your own schedule, where you get to determine when and how often you’ll taxi passengers to their destinations. 

Life as a rideshare driver enables you to approach your goals at your own pace with no need to stay in one place. The job is easy to pick up in any city across the country as long as you have all the prerequisite qualifications.

So, how to make the most out of each day of driving?

Just like any other industry it’s your job to observe your community and profit off the particular intricacies that make it unique. Get to know when each neighborhood is most actively searching for rides. The absolute most important part of making rideshare driving for companies like Lyft and Uber a successful gig is understanding your local market. Know your local market. For example, it’s not likely too busy for rideshare drivers during weekday business hours, but every place has its own peculiarities. Every city has a slightly different rush hour.

It’s incredibly important that you are behind the wheel of the right type of vehicle for this kind of work. If you drive the right type of car you will put yourself in a position to earn more. Do you want to know why so many professional, highly paid basketball players are tall? Because it gives them an advantage in that particular game. That’s also why you don’t see too many tall horse jockeys: it’s just not a good fit for that particular field. What’s the rideshare equivalent of a tall basketball player? A fuel efficient vehicle. You’ll find the most persistent workplace expense you encounter as a rideshare driver is the fuel costs. If you weren’t driving, that is working, you wouldn’t need to purchase so much gas. Everybody’s finances are different, but have you considered purchasing an inexpensive lightly used car to dedicate to rideshare? Some rideshare drivers have found that it’s a worthwhile investment in the long run, though admit that the financial burden of maintaining multiple vehicles — that is, if you have a second or third car, SUV or truck — to be quite difficult for some. In any case, investing in a fuel efficient vehicle is a wise move if you want to see how far the rideshare industry can take you toward achieving your financial goals.   

Keep your vehicle clean and of a natural odor.

Some riders can be very sensitive to overly scented cleaning products, so research what kinds will work best for your preferences while keeping the experience of others in mind as well. Keep both your front driver and passenger seats clean whenever you have passengers. If you find yourself having to apologize for the mess on a regular basis, don’t expect favorable reviews across the board, no matter how well their ride goes. 

What kinds of amenities do you think your passengers would appreciate?

Bottles of water and breath mints are always popular choices, but let your imagination aid in this endeavor. Just remember in this particular social climate that people will likely respond more positively with store bought treats that are individually wrapped. 

If you know of a good hotspot for rides, find a convenient and accessible place to wait in your car. Make sure it’s not going to interfere with traffic; no need to inconvenience others with your idling. Do not block any alleys, bus stops, driveways or entryways to parking lots. Do not impose on private property or places of minimal free space. Don’t play the radio too loud if you’re going to wait in a residential neighborhood. Most importantly for your work, make sure you choose an idling location that has easy access to the areas most likely to require the most rides. 

There are many more ways to put yourself in a position to maximize your earnings as a rideshare driver, but these easy tips are a surefire way to ensure you’re making the best impression on your riders and that you’ll have no problem navigating between fares.  The more time you have to drive at peak performance, the more you’ll be able to earn as a rideshare driver. If you’d like to save time and money on mandatory vehicle inspections, give Rideshare Mechanic a try and we can walk you through the simple process that you can accomplish from home with nothing more than a smartphone. Sign up for your inspection today!