Author photoBy Joy Littleton

Whether or not you’re a rideshare driver, if you are driving any sort of motor vehicle on the road you simply have to be insured. No questions asked. But once you’re a rideshare driver there’s more than standard insurance to consider. First, though, it’s prudent to discuss why auto insurance is so important overall.


Liability is the name of the insurance game. If you as a driver are responsible for causing damage to any person or property, the auto insurance company makes certain the property owner or crash victims and their families are compensated regardless of your financial ability. Well, the insurance company has your back so long as you pay them. It’s not only a wise investment, it’s mandatory by law.


If you are uninsured and cause an accident, the burden of cost goes to you. The courts will likely have you paying off your damages over a long stretch of time if it’s as significant as auto accidents can be, especially when people get hurt or worse.


The police have an eye out for uninsured drivers. Do you ever want trouble with the police? Didn’t think so.


Let’s say you get caught by law enforcement driving without insurance in a midwestern state like Ohio, for example. You will lose your state issued driver’s license, car registration and license plates until you can factually prove you are properly insured. Not only do you have to deal with all of that headache-inducing drama, but after proving to the authorities that you’re actually insured you will then need to shell out $100 for a reinstatement fee that, it’s fairly certain to say, you’d rather not have to pay with your hard-earned cash. It’s cheaper and much wiser in the long run to make sure you’re up to date on your auto insurance payments, no matter how often you drive.


Go ahead, check your auto insurance status right now, we’ll be here when you’re through. It should probably just take you a few seconds, right?


Are you covered? Hopefully. Let’s proceed.


So far, we’ve covered the important basics: you’ve got to have insurance in order to responsibly and lawfully drive or there will be legal and financial consequences if the authorities catch wind. Your problems will multiply exponentially if you’re in a major accident. Insurance protects both you and anyone involved in your auto collision. Therefore, you always need to be insured to be behind the wheel.


In order to get started as a driver for any number of reputable rideshare companies you will have to provide proof of insurance. Makes sense, since that’s one of many important factors required to hire only the safest and most responsible rideshare drivers. If you’re insured, you’re abiding by the law. Companies like to hire people who follow the law both on and off the job.


Now, standard personal auto insurance used by non-commercial drivers is one thing, but it won’t fully protect you if you are on the job as a rideshare driver. Lots of insurance providers specifically charge for rideshare drivers and, if you’re not paying for the proper plan and are involved in an accident, they may not cover you. This is why it is so important that you utilize rideshare insurance to fully make sure you don’t get hit with a big bill should something unfortunate happen while you are working. Be very clear with your insurance agent that you’re a rideshare driver and they’ll set you up with their best options.


We can’t tell you how much you’re going to pay each month for insurance premiums, or what kinds of deductibles you’ll qualify for — that depends on a number of factors specific to your own situation. What we’ve done, however, is set you up with enough information to know what is absolutely necessary before you get started. If you’re looking to save money as a rideshare driver (and who isn’t?) consider RideShare Mechanic for your next vehicle inspection conducted right through your smartphone! Between which company to drive for, who to go to for insurance and much more, we know there’s a lot to consider as you get started in the rideshare industry. Don’t get too overwhelmed. By using RideShare Mechanic you can avoid the hassle of driving to a local mechanic. We’ll conduct your vehicle inspection through videos taken on your smartphone so you won’t need to deal with traffic, consume gas, or waste your valuable time. Join the thousands of rideshare drivers who have chosen to conduct their mandatory vehicle inspection with ease and convenience and schedule your inspection today!